Privacy policy


Domino’s Pizza Japan (hereafter “the Company”) recognizes that protecting personal information is both fundamental to the Company’s business activities and an important corporate responsibility. The Company shall appropriately handle all personal information received from customers as stipulated in this document.
However, please note that some services cannot be provided without registering some personal information with the Company or entering some personal information on the Company website.


Purposes of collecting personal information


The Company shall collect personal information for the following purposes only and shall not use said information for any other purpose.

  1. For delivering items purchased by a customer
  2. For informing a customer about promos, services, and other information
  3. For sending surveys, advertising, newsletters, and other materials to a customer
  4. For conducting surveys, research, and analysis intended to improve existing services and develop new products
  5. For providing a customer with content and personalized services
  6. For responding to inquiries from a customer


Usage and sharing of personal information

The Company shall handle with utmost care personal information registered through the Company’s services or website. The Company shall not use said information or provide it to third parties for purposes not mentioned above without the customer’s prior permission. However, the following exceptions apply:

  1. If the Company has subcontracted the handling of personal information to an external organization with which the Company has formed a non-disclosure agreement that relates to the handling of personal information
  2. If the party registering the information with the Company is causing or may cause damage to a third party
  3. If the registered information is requested by the police, a court of law, the Public Prosecutors Office, a consumer advice center, or other public institution


Consumer rights

If the Company receives a request from a customer in regards to said customer’s personal information (e.g. for the information to be publicized, edited, deleted, or no longer used for any purpose), the Company shall first confirm the customer’s identity and then fulfill the request.


Protection of personal information

The Company shall take appropriate measures to protect personal information received from customers from risks that include loss, alteration, leaking, and unauthorized access. The Company shall fulfill this duty through an information management framework that incorporates both technology and Company employees


Reviews and improvements

The Company shall strictly obey all laws and common practices related to the proper handling of personal information and periodically review the Company’s information management framework, making improvements if necessary. The Company shall also educate all Company employees on said framework and ensure that said employees are thoroughly informed on the particulars of said framework.


Use of cookies and tracking technologies

The Company does not and will not obtain personal information through the Company website by using cookies or other tracking technologies that are not readily noticeable to the party providing said information.




Published: Apr. 1, 2005
Revised: Feb. 1, 2019


Customer inquiries

Please address customer inquiries to:
Personal Information Protection Manager, VOC Department, Domino’s Pizza Japan

  • Phone: 0120-838-204 (9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Mon – Fri)
  • Contact form

Personal Information Protection Manager

Suketaka Tai
CEO, Domino’s Pizza Japan

  • Phone: 0120-838-204
  • The Company is an Accredited Personal Information Protection Organization. For more information, visit https://english.jipdec.or.jp/protection_org/about.html
    Personal Information Protection Claims Office, PrivacyMark Promotion Center, JIPDEC
    Phone: 03-5776-1379 Toll-free: 0120-700-779