About OpenID

Easy Sign-in with an existing account!

Domino's Online supports OpenID!

About OpenID

OpenID allows you to use an existing account to sign in to multiple websites without needing to create new passwords.
Set up OpenID on an existing account just once, and easily sign into Domino's Pizza Online Ordering.

※You must have an account with a participating OpenID website.
※No charges apply.


So easy!Using OpenID is a piece of cake!

Sign in to an existing account via the following link and give us access.

Manage all your online ordering with the same ID and password.
Sync all your accounts to Domino's Online to sign in anytime, anywhere!

※You must access each account through the link on our site in order to use OpenID.
※You can set-up OpenID in My Account

So easy!Start using OpenID now!

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