FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

About Ordering Online

Order times and business hours
We accept online orders between 9am - 1am. Orders on the day are accepted from the opening time of each store to 15 minutes before their respective closing times.
Confirming your password
Please type your registered email address and name in the "Forgot Your Password?" section on the login page, and request for an email containing instructions on how to reset your password.
Logging out
In general, your status is perpetually logged in so that we can offer you convenient, high-quality service. For example, you will be shown the names of stores that can deliver to you the next time you visit the site. This means that we do not have a "log out" function. If you wish to deactivate your information, please click the "Log In with a Different User Name" button in "Customer Navigation" to clear your log in history.

About Our Website

Internet environment
We recommend using Internet Explorer 9.0 or above when viewing our website. For information regarding settings and plug-ins, please refer to the "Website Policy" page.
Receiving coupons in your coupon box
Click on the URL in a coupon email to save an electronic coupon in your coupon box. You can use the coupon by simply choosing "Use a Coupon" on the "Shopping Cart" page. There is no need to present a screenshot or a ticket.
Some malicious programs on the internet automatically send out emails by detecting traces of email addresses that have been used. While our system enforces strict anti-virus and security measures, please note that your email address may nevertheless be detected by a malicious third party. Please use your email address at your own discretion.


Calorie counts and allergen information
As a reference, the calories refer to a serving equivalent to one slice of pizza (8 slices for M, 12 slices for L). Note that the products may include allergens not listed in the nutritional information, which may have accidentally made contact with the product at the processing plant or during the manufacturing process at the stores. Please consume at your own discretion.
Regarding the Service Fee
After October 3, 2022, Domino’s charges a service fee on all orders to maintain and further improve the quality and service currently offered. The service fee is charged an amount equivalent to 7% of your order up to 299 yen. The fee amount is shown at the bottom of your cart. If a discount is applied, it will be calculated based on the amount after the discount is applied.

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