Terms of Use


Domino’s Pizza Japan, Inc. has established the following Terms of Use, by which you will be bound by for using the online ordering service of Domino’s Pizza (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”).

Before using the Service, please read carefully and agree to these Terms of Use.

Personal Information


Our Policy

We recognize the safeguarding of personal information as the basis and an important responsibility of our business operation. We are committed to make every effort to handle in proper manners your personal information collected in accordance with our Privacy Policy, as stated below.



Purposes of Acquisition of Personal Information

We will acquire personal information for, and will not use the acquired information other than, the purposes of usage listed below;


  • delivering the ordered products to customers;
  • providing information concerning our campaigns and services;
  • sending questionnaires, direct mails and electronic newsletters;
  • conducting questionnaires, surveys and analysis for improvement of our service and development of new products;
  • responding to your inquiries; and
  • providing personalized contents and services to customers..



Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

We will control with utmost care your personal information registered for the Service, and will not use or disclose it to any third parties for purposes other than those specified at the time of collection without your prior approval; provided, however, this does not apply in the following cases.


  • When we entrust personal information to outside companies which we outsource some services to, insofar as such outside companies execute a confidentiality agreement concerning the handling of personal information in advance.
  • When we determine that the registered user actually or potentially harms third parties.
  • When public organizations including the police, a court, the public prosecutors’ office and a consumer affairs bureau demand disclosure of the contents of the registration.



Customers’ Rights

In cases where we receive your request for disclosure, correction, deletion of your personal information stored by us as well as for suspension of use, we will reasonably respond to your request after confirming your identification.



Safeguarding of Personal Information

We have established technical and internal control system and will take reasonable measures, in order to protect your personal information stored by us against loss, alteration, disclosure and unauthorized access.



Use of the Service


Acquisition of Personal Information

You are required to enter your name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, password, date of birth and gender in our system when you use the Service. As registration of your personal information for the Service and/or on our website is not mandatory, if you do not want such information to be registered, please make it clear when you place an order or call the contact personnel. In that case, your personal information will be temporarily retained by us for the purpose of delivering the ordered products to you, but will not be used again after that. Please note, however, that you may not be able to use all the contents of the Service unless you register all the necessary items.



Purchase of Products/Services

You can purchase our products or services through the Service. In order to purchase the products, etc., you shall apply for purchase of the products or for use of the service according to procedures separately designated by us. You shall provide and transmit true and accurate information in connection with your application.



Method of Payment

The method of payment for the products purchased through the Service shall be either cash on delivery or a credit card (applicable only to some shops). The amount of payment shall be the total sum of the charge for the products and the consumption tax inflicted thereon.



Registration of Customer Information

If you register the customer information for the Service, you will be able to place an order in simpler procedures next time and thereafter, and use various additional services.
In order to register the customer information, you shall agree to these Terms of Use and then register your information according to procedures separately designated by us. In any of the following cases, however, registration of the customer information may not be permitted.


  • When we discover that registration of the customer information in connection with the relevant customer was erased in the past due to violation of these Terms of Use.
  • When a false entry is made at the time of registration.
  • When we otherwise consider it inappropriate to accept the application for registration.



Password Management

You must be careful in handling the password which you have selected at the time of registration of the customer information for the Service. You shall be solely responsible for managing your password. You shall not allow any third parties to use your password, nor shall you lend, assign or disclose your password to any third parties.



Modification of Registration Information

In the case of a change of your name, postal address, phone number, e-mail address or other information registered for the Service,
you shall promptly modify your registered information according to procedures separately designated by us.




In order to withdraw from the Service, you shall, in principle, cancel your registered information according to procedures separately designated by us.



Prohibited Acts

If you use the Service, you are not allowed to perform:


  • an act of making a false entry when you use the Service or register the customer information;
  • an act which may hamper the operation of the Service or obstruct the operation of our website;
  • an act of misusing a password;
  • an act which actually or potentially causes trouble, loss or damage to other users, third parties or Domino’s Pizza Japan, Inc.;
  • an act which is actually or potentially offensive to public order and morals, or in violation of the laws and regulations; or
  • an act which we otherwise consider inappropriate.



Suspension of the Service

We shall be entitled to suspend the Service or erase your registration without prior notice in cases where you fall under any of the following items. We shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever incurred by you or a third party due to your inability to use the Service as a result of suspension or erasure mentioned above.


  • When we discover that you had your registration erased in the past due to your violation of these Terms of Use.
  • When you fail to pay the fee for the Service or any other debts on the due date, or to perform other obligations.
  • When we cannot reach you either by telephone, fax, email or by any other means.
  • When you perform any of the prohibited activities.
  • When you otherwise violate these Terms of Use.





In no event shall Domino’s Pizza Japan, Inc. be liable to you for any interruption or defects of the contents of the Service, or for any loss or damages whatsoever resulting from the said interruption or defects. In addition, we shall not be liable to you for any damages arising from use of any third party website to which our website provides a link.
You must use such externally linked website on your own responsibility.





Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Use of the Service as well as these Terms of Use shall be governed by the Japanese law.
In the case of any dispute in connection with use of the Service, the parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court in the first instance, unless otherwise provided.



Usage Note

These Terms of Use may be modified without notice for the purpose of improving and enhancing the Service.


Established on April 1, 2005.
Revised on November 1, 2006.