Tropical Twist

Juice up your summer with a new twist on pineapple pizza!
Domino's new summer lineup dedicated to you, the pineapple LOVER!


Twist Quattro

1. Tropical
2. Spicy
3. Garlic Master
4. Goryeo Galbi


Twist Quattro

The ultimate pineapple pizza
for pineapple lovers is now available!
1. Ham, Pineapple
2. Ham, Pineapple, Pepperoni
3. Beef Ribs, Pineapple
4. Pineapple, Bacon, BBQ Sauce

* Available only with Tropical Twist crust.
* The crust fee is included in the main price.


Give the edges of your favorite pizza
a Tropical Twist!

A twisted crust with lots of melted cheese and pineapple sauce inside.

S +¥440 M +¥540 L +¥620

*Excluding "New Yorker Pizzas", "Quattro Camembert Millefeuille" and "Cheese 'n' Roll Twist Quattro".


Tropical Cheese Twist Bread

Made with 100% mozzarella wrapped in pizza dough, these twisty breadsticks are sprinkled on a parmesan cheese mix.



Thick Shake Tropical Coconut

These shakes from Domino's are the real deal, handmade in-store using just ice cream and milk!
For a limited time, enjoy this premium shake made with pineapple sauce and coconut.

* Promotion may change or end without notice.

* Sales tax included in all prices.